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Quality Management Organisation, roles, and responsibilities

Who is responsible for the quality management? At which level of the project?


Quality organisation

The quality coordinator (QCO) is responsible for monitoring the implementation of quality management throughout the project and supporting all levels of project management.  The QCO reviews formal project deliverables and monitors project activities for compliance with EPISODE3 policies, and with methods, processes and associated standards and procedures.  The QCO coordinates ongoing support activities with the work package leaders, but reports administratively to the project coordinator.

Issues identified by the QCO that cannot be solved by the work packages are escalated to the PCO and the PMB. This relationship is depicted in the following figure:



 Task & responsibilities

Quality RACI matrix

The major quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) activities are described in the following table. It is to be noticed that these responsibilities could be taylored regarding the nature of the deliverable.

Activities QCO PCO PMB WP leader Task leader
Perform intermediate reviews (do we work as planned?) C I I A R
Perform technical review of documents (do the results are compliant with the expectations?) C I I A R
Perform quality reviews of documents R I I A C
Document quality problems or symptoms R A I C C
Identify root causes of problems, not symptoms R A I C C
Identify alternative solutions to problems and impacts of each solution to the project C I I A R
Select the best alternative C I I A R
Create and implement an action plan C I I A R
Validate that quality has improved as expected R A I C I
Log, track, and monitor problems to bring them to resolution R A I C I
Report quality problems in project status report C R A C I
Update the Quality Management Plan R A I C I
Evaluate processes R A I C I
Promote processes and quality activities R A I C I
Verify processes R A I C I

“R” means Responsible, person who does the work

“A” means Accountable, the person who approves the work

“C” means Consulted, the person who can give his/her opinion before the approval

“I” means Informed, the person who access to the results after the approval.

The support from the Quality Coordinator

The quality coordinator provides support on questions of quality and participates in approval and acceptance activities. He or its representative could monitor the quality of the different deliverables. This activity includes

  • participation in reviews and inspections of all relevant deliverables to be produced by the EPISODE3 projects. It is the quality coordinator's duty to bring the EPISODE3 Project coordinator and all the project management board's attention to any problems related to quality and to advise them on possible solutions to problems as they occur.
  • participation at the Work packages' progress meetings
  • participation at the Project Management Board
  • participation at the cell meetings


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